A Season in Hell
A Season in Hell #190: Jelly Slather
October 6, 2014 @ 8:00pm


I absolutely love interviewing bands. I've been interviewing band since my earliest days and radio in the late 1980s. And tonight I was most honored to have not only a super talented and original band, but a very entertaining and vocal interview as well. Royal Jelly Jive joined me in the studio, to talk up their new self-titled release as well as the record release party that just passed.

This six piece gypsy jazz, soul influenced menagerie, With solid and sultry female vocals, and horns to boot, Royal Jelly Jive are a sextet to watch out for. See them soon and a small venue, because it won't take long before they are hitting the big time.

The rest of the program highlighted some Hardly Strictly Bluegrass artists, some Bay Area soul/funk/punk from the 90s, and some classic hip-hop and rap, along with a few fun covers to boot.

Take charge and be large, in the land of the lost.

And as always, enjoy.


Up in Smoke: Cheech and Chong
I Wish I Was in New Orleans: Tom Waits

Pterygophora: Royal Jelly Jive

H.M.S. Soulbay: Royal Jelly Jive
Indian George: Royal Jelly Jive

Dream Like A Child: Royal Jelly Jive
Come On Over (Turn Me On): Isobel Campbell/Mark Lanegan
Ice Cold Water: Ray Condo
Whiskey Bottle: Uncle Tupelo

Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown: Jimmy Dale Gilmore
Lonely Girls: Lucinda Williams
Clementine: Elliot Smith
Chapter 24: Pink Floyd
A Sound of Transition: Julie Andrews?

The Kicking Machine: The Melvins
Here Come the Bastards: Primus
Who Stole the Soul: Public Enemy
Get it Together: Beastie Boys

Valley of the Dolls: Uncle Acid
Bad Girl: New York Dolls
Elevation: Television
Sunshine of your Love: Ella Fitzgerald

Got My Mojo Working: Muddy Waters