A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen #221: Double Your Prayers
May 18, 2015 @ 8:00pm


Joining me tonight is Trademark G of Evolution Control Committee (and co-founder of RV) is in the studio for the first time in over 3 years!!! Trademark is the Godfather of the Mashup! That's a good thing, right? I think so. He hosted "Sound of Plaid" on Radio Valencia since our inception back in August 2010, and he promises to be making a comeback soon. We hope so. TM and his bride, Miss Frilly Pants moved back to Columbus, Ohio a few years back, and life just hasn't been the same for us Mashup freaks in da Bay. At least TM finished his masters degree. Way to go, brother!

The music was great tonight, but you really need to listen to his stories, between the tracks. TM is a great storyteller, and WHAT A VOICE! This guy has a real future in radio, if he wants it.



They Don't Make Jews Like Jesus Anymore: Kinky Friedman
Jesus Carp (Son of Cod): Evolution Control Committee
Jewish People: ECC
Isn't It Grand to Be A Christian: ECC
Temporarily Like Bob Dylan: Bongos, Bass and Bob

By The Time I Get To Arizona: ECC (Public Enemy/Tijuana Brass)
The Acid Family: ECC
Virgo: Harvey Sid Fisher
Have a Beer with Fear: Fear
T for Texas: Toshio Hirano
Hurdy Gurdy Men: ECC (Butthole Surfers/Donovan)
We Will Rock You: ECC

Ft. Bragg Speech: George W Bush
Prayer Difficulty/The Bobs: Savage Vigilance for a Rug-Free America
Now Ah Lissen: Southern Preacher
Don't Let the Devil Blow Your Mind: ECC (Elder Marshall Taylor)
Stairway to Brittany: ECC

Whole Lotta Sex Machine: James Brown/Led Zeppelin
Zepperstition: ECC (Led Zeppelin/Stevie Wonder)
Fuck the Police (Explicit Content Only version): Evan Roth (NWA)
Rocked By Rape: ECC
What Would You Think If I Sang Autotune: ECC

Christianity Is Stupid: Negativeland
But I Don't Believe in Evolution: ECC
Fuck the Pain Away: Peaches
I Want the Cookie: ECC

A Sound in Transition: Julie Andrews