A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #239: How Blue Can You Get?
October 26, 2015 @ 8:00pm


Sometime during the week leading up to my show, I must have heard some seriously good blues playing. Maybe. It's hard to say. Maybe I was realizing that I just don't play enough blues, and was feeling guilty, like I wasn't including one of my beloved children in the fun? It's not like little Bluesy did anything wrong. On the contrary, where would I be today without Blues? It was Blues that taught me how to get over heartbreak. It was Blues that showed me that it was OK to be alone. It was Blues that allowed me to heal, following all my many dark and lonely nights.

Maybe I had too much Blues in my life? Perhaps I needed a break, to recognize just how much I love the Blues? Tonight is full of the Blues. And that's a good thing. Blues can also bring you up. Once you hear a line like "I've been down so long, it looks like up to me", and you know that the singer has it so much harder than you, then you know that you're life just isn't that bad. It's similar to watching a Soap Opera. Their lives are much, much worse than yours.

In the second hour I have brand new music from FUZZ and WAND!!!!! Are you KIDDING ME?!?!?!?

There are many brilliant live tunes throughout the night, including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, ZZ Top, Grateful Dead, Blues Brothers, Bob Marley, the Rolling Stones, and George Clinton and P-Funk, featuring Eric McFadden on guitar.

Damn, that's a lot to be grateful for.

This Friday I'm hosting the live Ask Dr. Hal at XOXO in Jack London Square from 10-midnight. It's only $5 and it's totally worth your spooky-weekend time.



Destination Unknown: Missing Persons
Baby Blue: Shannon and the Clams

Hearing Voices: Galaxy 500
California: Joni Mitchell

Smokestack Lightning: Howlin' Wolf
Rollin' and Tumblin': Baby Face Leroy Trio
Two Trains Running: Butterfield Blues Band
Boom Boom Out Go The Lights: Little Walter

Done Somebody Wrong: Elmore James
Backdoor Medley: ZZ Top
I Don't Know: Blues Brothers

Try: Janis Joplin (April 01, 1969 Stockholm, Sweden)

Dirt: Iggy and the Stooges (November 03, 2003 City Park, New Orleans, LA)

***Best of Set***
Grave Robbers: WAND
Say Hello: FUZZ
Foxy Lady: Jimi Hendrix (Hawaii 1970)

Cosmic Slop: George Clinton Parliament-Funkadelic (July 8, 2006 Lugano, Switzerland)
War/No More Trouble: Bob Marley and The Wailers (August 5, 1978 Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, FL)

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl: Grateful Dead (February 28, 1969 Fillmore West, SF, CA)

Brown Sugar: Rolling Stones (March 13, 1971 Leeds U, Leeds UK)