A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #242: Front This!
November 16, 2015 @ 8:00pm


Spontaneity is the name of the game, sometimes in radio. I often stare at my immense record collection, and think to myself "self, why don't you just blindly choose a bunch of LPs to take to the studio with you, and whatever strikes your fancy, go with it?". This is pretty much what I did Monday night. And boy howdy if it didn't pay off, too!

A few tributes (PF Sloan passed away, as did Mitch Mitchell (who actually died in 2008, but I believe everything I read on Facebook, obviously)); some tasty live treats, some local tunes, and a speech as relevant today as it was when it was delivered over 70 years ago.

I was training a new Radio Valencia DJ tonight, and later in the show, the banter gets pretty hilarious.

Take a look at the playlist below. You can download and stream this show by clicking on the links above. Please share this with all of your music-loving friends.

Next Monday, November 23, from 8-10PM on Radio Valencia is my 5th annual ANNUAL ANNUAL! It's all about 1975 for two whole hours! And this isn't your old man's 10 at 10, either.



Eve of Destruction: PF Sloan
Voodoo Chile: Jimi Hendrix Experience (Live 1969)

The Midnight Special: Harry Belafonte
Wooden Ships: Crosby, Nash (March 26, 1972 - Winterland, SF, CA)
Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues: Bob Dylan (July 5, 1965 Manchester, UK)

Can Halen mashup
Fangsgiving: Happy Fangs
Sunless Saturday: Fishbone

Broken Sun: Wand
Bombay Calling: It's A Beautiful Day
Cantor de Mambo: Os Mutantes
En Gang Om Aret: Dungen

***Set of the night***
I Swallowed A Dragonfly: Heartless Bastards
I Wish A Mothafucka Would: Queen Crescent
Charlie Chaplin Incredible Speech
Move On Up: Curtis Mayfield

Sugaree: Grateful Dead (May 22, 1977 Hollywood Sportatorium, Pembroke, FL)
The Mercy Seat: Johnny Cash

My War: Black Flag (April 6, 1984 Washington, DC)