A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #243: 1975! ANNUAL ANNUAL
November 23, 2015 @ 8:00pm


1975! What a year! What do you recall? I was five years old, and living in Toledo, Ohio. My aunt, who worked at Peaches Records bought me the first five KISS LPs, so naturally, KISS was my first favorite band. That's all I really remember about that year.

Being older, and a scholar of music and culture, I can tell you that 1975 was a real crossover year. The 60s were definitely over by this time. Music was moving a bit more into the "Yacht Rock" era, and Disco was starting to emerge as well. Funk was at its creative peak. Punk wouldn't really break onto the scene for another year, and metal was also still in its infancy. It was a weird year.

Some of my favorite records were released this year: Physical Graffiti, Nighthawks at the Diner, and Blood on the Tracks, just to name a few.

Along with Eric McFadden and Delphine de St Paer, we delve into the many faces of 1975 last Monday night. We just barely scratch the surface in two hours time. Take a look at the playlist below, and click on the links above to stream or download this show.



Tonight's the Night: Neil Young
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain: Willie Nelson
Rhinestone Cowboy: Glen Campbell

The Black Widow: Alice Cooper
Hunters and Collectors: Can
Dolemite: Ben Taylor
Fight the Power: The Isley Brothers
Fire: Ohio Players

Ten Years Gone: Led Zeppelin
Across The Universe: David Bowie
Motorhead: Hawkwind
Dammit Janet: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Dunkirk: Camel

Chocolate City: Parliament
Muffin Man: Frank Zappa
Shelter From The Storm: Bob Dylan
Eggs and Sausage: Tom Waits

Deuce: Kiss
The Jungle Line: Joni Mitchell
Death on Two Legs: Queen
King Soloman's Marbles: Grateful Dead

Rose in the Heather/Beggar's Day: Nazareth