A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #249: Rebel Rebel RIP
January 11, 2016 @ 8:00pm


Magnificent artists are all around us. Have you taken the time to look and see? Do you make the time to enjoy the arts? Do you go to museums? To the cinema? To the clubs? Do you support local bands? Do you see one-person stage shows? Do you fReaK the scene? When did you stop being an artist? Was it in elementary school, when the teacher told you to stop doodling and start paying attention? What did you aspire to be when you were a child? When did that stop? Why?

And then there's Bowie. He taught me that art is all around you. He showed me that everyone can be a part of the show. Life is drama. Life is high and low art. Art is what you make of it. He wrote about the highs and lows of life; what it is to be alone; what it means to want to be loved. He took risks. My father always told me that to live is to takes risks.

And then there's Bowie.

When I heard the news on Sunday night, I was in disbelief. I thought, like many, that his Twitter feed had been hacked. That would be cold, but not impossible. I decided to sleep on it, but in the morning the sad truth rang all too true. The rest of my Monday was sleepwalking through the day, scrolling through my Facebook feed. I have about 1300 "friends" on FB, and over 90% of the posts throughout the day were about Bowie. How do you like that? I've never seen anything quite like it in my 9 years on FB. It was wonderful. No politics. No race issues. No economic crisis. It was all about the celebration of an artist, that we were lucky enough to exist on the same planet with at the same time.

Tonight on my show I pay tribute to Bowie by playing some of my favorites, as well as some excellent live cuts, and some covers and a recent mashup featuring Bowie and Lemmy.

In the first hour I am seriously excited to have in the studio a true up and coming band, Unlikely Heroes, fronted by phenomENON Gaines. This eclectic group are synthesizing HipHop and Punk with beats and melody that is fresh, exciting, and long waited for. I saw a street performance from this young band over the summer, but I'm anticipating seeing them at the club level. They will get the room jumping like the way Gogol Bordello had the Catalyst jumping for three hours a few years back. This band has energy, and the beats and words to back it up. They've played 30 shows since last April, and for a new band that is unheard of. Once you give them a listen, and hear the interview from the show, I think you'll understand the attraction. Enon is an excellent front-man, and they'll be gracing bigger stages in the near future, if there is indeed a God of music justice.

Next Monday on my show, I'm thrilled to have Bay Area club DJ Rasta Cue-Tip aka: RasCue of Cali Agents, and Various Blends. You can check him out on Urban Umpires, or his Soundcloud page before next Monday. He'll be guest DJing for the entire show, 8-10. Tune in.

Also, don't forget to get me your celebrity death list for my 2016 Run for the Lilies. You choose 10 famous people (famous in any way), that you believe will meet their demise by December 31, 2016. The only rule: you may not, in any way, be involved in how they meet their maker. Send your list to mrjohnhell@gmail.com by February 4, 2016. Winner will be announced January 2017.



Life on Mars: David Bowie
She Shook Me Cold: David Bowie
China Girl: Iggy Pop

Interview with Unlikely Heroes

Young Skywalker: Unlikely Heroes
Gold Rings: Unlikely Heroes

Interview with Unlikely Heroes

For You: Unlikely Heroes

Lazarus: David Bowie
Heroes: David Bowie

***Set of the Night***
Louis Louis Go Home: Davy Jones and the King Bees
Golden Years: Marilyn Manson
Under Pressure (a cappella): David Bowie and Freddy Mercury

"Ace of Dance": Lemmy Stardust Commemorative Mashup
Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy: David Bowie and Bing Crosby
London Bye-Bye: David Bowie

Queen Bitch: Green River
Rebel Rebel: David Bowie (Dallas, TX April 27, 1983)
Young Americans: David Bowie (Tokyo, Japan May 16, 1990)
Hang Onto Yourself: David Bowie (Santa Monica, CA October 20, 1972)

Station to Station: Melvins

Bowie's in Space: Flight of the Conchords