A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #250: Cover Me
January 18, 2016 @ 8:00pm


Some nights I get a bug up my butt to do some kind of theme. Tonight it's all about COVERS! Who doesn't love a good cover tune? Sometimes the cover is better than the original (hence Johnny Cash doing the Eagles better than the Eagles...that's not a hard thing to do, btw). Sometimes you had no idea the song was a cover; the artist performed the song better than the original. I should do more cover specials, it almost writes itself.

More great musicians died this past week. WTF is going on?!?!?!? Glenn Frey of the Eagles, Dale "Buffin" Griffin of Mott the Hoople, Gary Loizzo of The American Breed, Mic Gillette of Tower of Power, and the legendary Blowfly all passed into the great bandstand in the sky this past week. I pay tribute in the second hour of the show.

Take a look at the playlist below, and click on the links above to stream or download the show.

No guests this coming Monday night. I have new music from Ty Segall's new band The Muggers, as well as new music from Spacin', and much much more.



I Heard It On The X: Olivelawn
You're Going To Miss Me: Monomen
The Beat Goes On: Giant Sand

Satisfaction: Cat Power
Iron Man: The Bad Plus
The Wizard: Brown Sabbath

Dreaming: The Cherubs
Tomorrow Never Knows: 801 Live (Eno, Fripp, Manzanera, Watson, Monkman, Phillips, Watson)
Ain't Talkin' About Love: Minutemen
Sunshine of Your Love: Ella Fitzgerald
Wendy: Descendents

Heroin: Burnt One's
Miss You: The Concretes
Emma: Urge Overkill

Desperado: Johnny Cash
What is Hip: Tower of Power

Bend Me, Shape Me: The American Breed
All The Way From Memphis: Mott the Hoople
Blowfly for President: Blowfly

When the Levee Breaks: Led Zeppelin
Don Henley Must Die: Mojo Nixon

When Doves Cry: Patti Smith
One More Cup of Coffee: White Stripes