A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #255: Are You Still Talking?
February 29, 2016 @ 8:00pm


I recently added the Drumpf extension to my Chrome. that means even if I type Trump into this blog, when I see it on my computer it'll say Drumpf. HA! Love it. I also added the Kardashian blocker, which kindly also blocks all-things Kanye, Kimye, and Jenner, and whatever other terms I add to it. I don't need the heartburn, knowhatimean? I can even add "John Hell" to it, and it'll block me! Wait, I don't mean to give any of you some wild idea. You need me. You need me to educate you on quality radio programming. You need me to school you on the newest of the new sounds going down in the uptown. I offer for your consideration the following playlist below.

Check out the first hour! So much classic rap and hip hop. I don't play nearly enough of this. I also feature legendary local hiphopsters: Kalri$$ian!!! They are blazing hot, and I cannot wait to get them into my bed, er...I mean, back in the studio. Yes. That is what I meant to say. Studio. Ahem.

There's some good ol' fashion punk rock, Americana, psycho-swing, psychedelia, doom metal, spaghetti-western soundtrack music, new garage rock, and classic Ray Charles just because I can.

Tune in for the music, stay for the witty banter. I can't recall everything I said, but I'm fairly certain there's a quality rant in the somewhere.

Do you tune in for just the music? I want to know. Leave a comment about why you listen, what you enjoy, and what you would like more of (and yes: less of). I'm thinking of creating a simple survey for you all to take. Thanks for your input. I want to make this a show you look forward to each and every Monday night.



Burn Hollywood, Burn: Public Enemy
Spoonie's Back: Spoonie G
Am I Black Enough For You? Schooly D

High Plains Drifter: Beastie Boys
Medicine Cabinet: Kalri$$ian
The Gong Show Theme: Chuck Barris and Milton DeLugg
Damballa: The Pharaohs
Fried Pies: Wes Montgomery Trio

Hedges: Naked Lights
Like Calling Up Thunder: Gun Club
I'm So Bored with the USA: The Clash
Something I Said?: Ray Condo and his Ricochets

King of California: Dave Alvin
March of the Beggars: Ennio Morricone

Dead or Alive: Dale Crover
Mortal Fire: Black Elk Medicine Band
New Trawgs III: Sic Alps

Most Anything You Want: Iron Butterfly
Run Run Run: White Fence
Whipping Post: Frank Zappa (live)

Kofuku - Now, Apocalypse: Low Flying Hawks

Shrinking Moon For You: Wooden Shjips
Greenbacks: Ray Charles