A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #258: Back In The Saddle
April 11, 2016 @ 8:00pm


Ok, alright, I know that I told you that I was going to die, and you would no longer have dear old John Hell to kick around anymore. Well, it appears that my orthopedic surgeon actually does know his ass from a hole in the ground, and I'm back to tell the tale.

On March 16th I underwent ACL and meniscus reconstruction. That was fun. Laying on my ass for three weeks was not. My God it was so damn boring. Too much time on the couch. Too much Trailer Park Boys. Actually, there can never be too much Trailer Park Boys. Ricky is such a dick. Bubbles on the other hand is quite brilliant. I watched my share of movies, read a few great books and comics, and caught up on a few records that have been sitting in the stack for too long. But the sitting really took its toll. I have also come to the conclusion that ICE is my best friend.

I have never wanted to get back on the air as much in my life. And let me tell you by the end of my show tonight I was in some serious pain. Look what I do for my art.

There's a good mash up of genres tonight, and a small tribute to the late Merle Haggard, who died last week on his 79th birthday. I've got some new Melvins for you, music from the first Charles Mootheart (CFM) solo effort (he's Ty Segall's guitarist in Fuzz and the Ty Segall Band), along with some soon-to-be-released Zig Zags!!! There are some oddball choices tonight, as I've had a few weeks to consider what to play for you. The next few shows ought to be pretty fun too.

Tell you friends and my enemies that John Hell is back on the air.

See you next Monday night at 8.



Shit Luck: Modest Mouse
Two Headed Dog: Roky Erikson
Strange: Wire

The Bottle Let Me Down: Merle Haggard
The Bell: First Aid Kit
Shot By Both Sides: Magazine

A Friend In Need Is A Friend You Don't Need/Lifestyle Hammer: Mike and the Melvins
Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun: Pink Floyd

***Set of the Week***
Street Car History: Charles Mootheart (CFM)
Revolution Part 2: Butthole Surfers
Sweet Loafed: Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston
Highway 61 Revisited: Bob Dylan

Moonlight in Glory: Brian Eno and David Byrne
Dancing Barefoot: Patti Smith
Dollar Days: David Bowie

They Came For Us: Zig Zags
Double-Crossing Time: John Mayall's Blues Breakers
Stop Start: Lee Morgan

Poison Apple: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
Out of Touch: Lucinda Williams
I Must Have Been Blind: Eugene Chadbourne

Cold In Effect: Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five