A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #259: Sweatin' To Hell
April 18, 2016 @ 8:00pm


Hot times in the ol' studio tonight! Radio as the premier aural artform. Some classic covers on this night, some deeply hidden live tracks, some jazzy goodness, perfect for the hot night that it was. Plenty of witty banter that will tickle your funny bone as well as clue you in to the back story of many of these timeless tunes.

Have you tuned into the "new" KFOG? And I thought they were bad before! Seriously, it does not appear that they have evolved into anything fresh and new! Good job, Cumulus. You fired DJs who cared about the local listeners, all the while playing crappy, lowest-common-denominator pablum, that they had no choice over. I swear I would LOVE for any GM to call me up and ask me to program a station for just one day. ONE DAY! There is too much quality music that KFOG has continuously passed by. Father John Misty? Jenny Lewis? Dave Alvin? COME ON! Lame KFOG has just proved once again why you NEED Radio Valencia. You already knew that though.

Let's start a petition to get KFOG to hire John Hell for one day to do its music programming. If they hate it then I'll quietly leave. If they love it, then I'll have my lawyers call theirs.