Rampage Radio
Podcast Episode #185 - Rampage Radio 12/17/16- w/ the Last AngryManny w/ Special Guest Ace Annese​! LIVE in Studio! RAMPAGE RADIO on RadioValenica.fm!
December 17, 2016 @ 10:00am


Podcast Episode #185 -Rampage Radio-12/17/16-LAM Solo! aka The Lone RAGER- with ACE from RCTV taking making calls to various interesting people as well as being MC to a Glide Memorial Benefit show feat. Chick Jagger

Playing History
December 17, 2016 10:00am - 2:00pm

10:05am: Man on a Mission by Bad Religion

10:10am: New World Disorder by Manic Depression

10:13am: Eeeeyaaayaaaa by Eric Adams ManOwaR

10:15am: Brothers Of Metal by ManOwaR

10:23am: Road Warriors by Children of Technology

10:29am: for the World to Dictate our Death by Dimmu Borgir

10:33am: F(r)iend by In Flames

10:55am: Tempo of the Damned by Exodus

11:00am: No Presents by King Diamond

11:02am: New Orleans by Anvil

11:07am: Metal Masses by HellFire

11:22am: Fire it Up by Black Label Society

11:27am: Strange Ways by KISS

11:36am: See You In Hell by Monster Magnet

11:41am: In My Blood by Star and Dagger

11:44am: Wilma's Rainbow by Helmet

12:00pm: the METAL ASYLUM - 12/17/16 - filling in for Dj Jody - the Last Angry Manny and Ace Space from Reality Check TV!

12:09pm: New York Rock - author of the Rise of the Velvet Underground by Steve Blush

12:40pm: Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag

12:50pm: Music City SF - http://musiccitysf.org/index.html by Rudy Colombini from The Unauthorized Rolling Stones

1:16pm: Street Fightin'Man by Ace Frehley

1:19pm: Sympathy for the Devil by Motorhead

1:35pm: Rude Awakening by Prong

1:39pm: Still Here by Kill Code

1:45pm: by Cheetah Chrome

1:46pm: Live Interview - 2017 tour dates - Loud & Snotty band by Cheetah

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