A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #285: Best of 2016
December 19, 2016 @ 8:00pm


What a mess this year was in so many ways, but not in music! There's always too much good music for me to share during this show. I should really host a four hour show to feature all of my faves, but then I would be stepping on other Radio Valencia shows, who also have such choice tunes to throw your way.

My Best of 2016 is full of soul, garage, punk, metal, Nick Cave and Bowie. I have a few re-issues thrown in there for good measure, and a track or two you haven't hear on my show before, but the artists you certainly have. Please tune into Radio Valencia throughout the next few weeks as our many show hosts will be sharing their Best of shows with you.

Next Monday night will see the return of Little Lauson Hell. She's 12 now, and has decided that her taste in music is way better than mine. She may be right. You decide.



Make America Great Again: Pussy Riot
Fucked Up Donald: DOA
Green Sugar: Kikagaku Moyo

Plastic Plant: Thee Oh Sees
Glass Eye: Charles Mootheart (CFM)

Lazarus: David Bowie
To Melt the Moon: Rangda

Valley Girl: Meatbodies
Barrell: Naked Lights
I Want To Tell You: The Melvins

Warsawng: Glitter Wizard
The Sadist: Zig Zags

Ready, Willing and Able: Betty Davis
Never Too Late: The Apostles

Jesus Alone: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Over Unease: Spacin'

Falling In: Gøggs
Junkie: Altamont
Slow Down: Flat Earthers

Hold Onto the Sky: Pins of Light
Onye Ije: The Strangers