A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #337: Dub This!
June 25, 2018 @ 8:00pm


Sometimes taking a few weeks off leaves me feeling a wee bit rusty. Not tonight! I came out of the shoot all guns blazing hot! Something for everyone in the first hour. Lots of dub in the second. I close out the show with a tasty 13 minute live Jimi Hendrix jam from New Years Eve 69/70 that you are sure to enjoy.

I spent a little while at Econo Jam Records in Oakland today. This was a first for me, but I can promise you it will not be my last. Living in San Francisco for most of my life got me used to the many fine vinyl establishments on that side of the bridge (I actually types "this side of the bridge", forgetting that I don't live in SF now): Amoeba, Stranded, 1234Go, Thrillhouse, just to name a few. But living in Berkeley has opened my eyes to more more MORE!!!!

We truly are living the dream, aren't we.

Also, Flint still has no clean drinking water, and Puerto Rico is mostly out of power.



Mondo Bondage: The Tubes
Road Runner: Chris Spedding

Shotgun Blues: Blues Brothers
The Bit: The Melvins

Sonic Titan: Sleep
Overthrown: Oh Sees

Oh Man: Spacin'
Down Home Girl: Betty Davis
Power of Soul: Idris Muhammad

Cloak and Dagger (Version 3): The Upsetters
Sin Semilla Dub: The Upsetters
Kasha Macka Dub: The Upsetters

I Am Not Ashamed: The Mighty Two
Get Movin': The Last Poets
Under Surveillance: The Scientist

Soul Revel: Bob Marley and Lee Perry
Wake Up The Sun: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Shhhhhh (For A Little While): James Brown

Machine Gun: Jimi Hendrix (January 1, 1970 - Fillmore East, NY, NY)