A Season in Hell
A Season in Hell #92: Rock Fight 8, Part 1
June 18, 2012 @ 6:00pm


Here we go again.

Every June and December Rotten Ronnie Donovan of Firehouse Kustom Posters and I host Rock Fight, a four hour deluge into our bootleg vaults. Ever since Ron was forced to get on the wagon the shows have been superb (I still kick his ass each and every time). Tonight was one of the BEST.

Lot's of guests tonight, including a legendary live music recorder (he who cannot be named), local guitar gunslinger Eric McFadden and his lovely Super D, Metallica official fanzine editor Steffan Chirazi, and phone interview with Butthouse of Limbomaniacs. WOW!

This and some amazing live bootleg music too. The fourth hour is the premier of the newly released (unofficial of course) Led Zeppelin "Snowblind" from 03-20-75 Vancouver, which Ron Donovan did the art for.

Listen in and decide for yourself who won this edition of ROCK FIGHT! (it was me).

Rocky Mountain Way: Joe Walsh (09-24-73 Arlington, Texas) John Hell (JH)
Cat Scratch Fever: Ted Nugent (03-18-78, San Bernardino) Ron Donovan (RD)
Let There Be Rock: AC/DC (12-09-79, Paris, France) JH

If you can't Rock Me: Rolling Stones (07-13-75, Los Angeles, CA) RD
Get off of my Cloud: Rolling Stones (07-13-75, Los Angeles, CA) RD

Rock Block #1 John Hell
Cities on Flame: Blue Oyster Cult (10-12-79, Chicago, IL)
The Warrior: Thin Lizzy (05-14-76, Detroit, MI)

Rock Block #1 Ron Donovan
The Phoenix: The Cult, Waterloo Records, 03-16-12, Austin, TX)
Purple Haze->Red Hot Mama: Bootsy Collins (07-09-11, Zurich, Switzerland)

Hour 2

Somebody Get Me A Doctor: Van Halen (Gene Simmons Demos, May 1976) JH
Time to Get Ill: Beastie Boys (07-05-98 Belgium) JH
Running with the Devil: Van Halen (06-01-78, London, England) RD

King of the Nighttime World: Kiss (09-06-76, Cleveland, OH) JH
I'm Nationwide: ZZ Top (08-30-80, Passaic, NJ) RD
Fairies Wear Boots: Black Sabbath (01-08-99, San Jose, CA) JH

Rock the Nation: Montrose Benefit (04-27-12, Regency Ballroom, SF, CA) Special guest of RD
The Voyger: Gamma (11-13-80, SF, CA) JH
No Tears: Gamma (11-17-79 Denver, CO) RD

Interview with Eric McFadden