A Season in Hell
A Season in Hell #92: Rock Fight 8, Part 2
June 18, 2012 @ 8:00pm


Here's Part 2 of Rock Fight 8!

This part begins with the completion of my interview with Eric McFadden and his manager Super D. We also have Steffan Chirazi, the editor of the official Metallica fanzine "So What". A great surprise in the last hour is a phone interview with Limbomaniacs bassist/singer Butthouse.

We also feature a never-before heard Led Zeppelin soundboard from March 20, 1975, which Ron Donovan did the art for. Wow!

Enjoy and spread the love around.


Interview with Eric McFadden

Queen Dreamer: Eric McFadden with T.E.N
Fractured Light: Eric McFadden with T.E.N

Interview with Eric McFadden

I'm Losing You: The Faces (04-05-73) JH
Clash City Rockers: The Clash (08-17-82, Akron OH) JH
High Roller: Cheap Trick (03-28-97, The Edge, Palo Alto CA) JH

Interview with Steffan Chirazi of Metallica's "So What" Fanzine

Fight Fire with Fire: Metallica (12-20-84 Lyceum Theater, London, England)

Interview with Steffan Chirazi of Metallica's "So What" Fanzine

Reborn: Slayer (Riff Tapes)
Piece by Piece: Slayer (Riff Tapes)

Hour Four:

Seek and Destory: Metallica (03-15-85, Kabuki, SF, CA) RD
Fish On->Tommy the Cat: Primus (11-17-93, Dallas, Texas) JH

Interview with Butthouse of Limbomaniacs

Free Style: Limbomaniacs (01-02-10, Slims, SF, CA)

Trampled Underfoot: Led Zeppelin (03-20-75, Vancouver, B.C., Canada "Snowblind") JH
Sick Again: Led Zeppelin (03-20-75, Vancouver, B.C., Canada "Snowblind") RD

Mr. Slinky: Blu Chunks (Demos) JH