A Season in Hell
A Season in Hell #107: I've Got Metal In My Brain
October 15, 2012 @ 8:00pm


I should have called this show "Technical Difficulties". The stream went down during Judas Priest. I don't know why, but the Internet Gods obviously had something about my choice of music tonight. Up yours!

Track 5: Aluk Todolo

Hama: Boris
Mama Said Knock You Out: Lagwagon
Snuff: Slayer
Rattlehead: Megadeth

Suicide's An Alternative/You'll Be Sorry: Suicidal Tendencies
Hellfudge: Lard
Taking Bong Rips in the Tombs of the Blind Dead: Population Reduction
Suicide in Progress: Melvins

Urban Struggle: The Vandals
The Ayes Have It; Big Business
The Body: Zeni Geva

Devil's Child: Judas Priest
Legend Of The Headless Rider: Mercyful Fate
Supermarket Nightmare: Victims Family
Long End of a Firearm: Truman's Water

Sunday: Oxbow
Nick the Dick: Three Day Stubble
Savage Vigilance for a Rug Free America

Pop Song: Jesus Lizard
Lesbian Nun: The Dwarves
Red Bath: Boss Hog