A Season in Hell
A Season in Hell #122: Just Say Yes
February 11, 2013 @ 8:00pm


There comes a time in every young mans' life when he feels the call of the wild, the wind through the trees, the voice of the angels, calling him to unknown adventures across the lands and the seas. I am not a young man. I was once, and when I was I was always on the hunt for an adventure. And I always found it.

Be careful what you wish for, my father would tell me, because it will come true.

He was right about that. Now that I'm a bit older I don't need to go out looking for adventure, I've built up so much adventure capital, that it come looking for me. I've always been a "yes man", which has gotten me into more positive predicaments than negative ones. Can you imagine that? I know that many of you are reading this right now, and you're saying to yourself "every time I say "yes" I end up regretting it". Not me. Every time I say "yes" it takes me to the most unbelievable places. Whether it's a smoking hot show, or a smoking hot woman (sorry if I offend), or an island in the Caribbean, or a once in a lifetime job, or the the ability to meet a musical hero of mine, saying YES has taken me there.

Oh yes, I have had a multitude of trials and tribulations. Don't even get me started on that, but really, in the end, it's the amazing adventures that I've been open to that will define my life. The one constant through it all is music. Music is my life source, and radio is my drug of choice. Shows like the one I did tonight, prove to me once again, that radio is an empty canvas just waiting for the artist to fill it up. Tonight I am your artist. Come enjoy the show.

Just say yes.



Do It: Rollins Band
Devil's Rodeo: Diamanda Galas and John Paul Jones

Mercy Seat: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Wakin On A Pretty Day: Kurt Vile
Virginia Slims: Futurebirds

Young, Gifted and Broke: Aura and Lee "Scratch" Perry
Delusional Blues: The Murlocs
Levitation: Groovy Ghoulies
Love on an Eleven Year Old Level: GTO's
Pogo: Dune Rats
Snake Charmer: Eagle Eye Williamson

Surf, Soul, Shake: Craters
Joulie Oulie: Peach Kelli Pop
Tears Of A Clown: Pond

Imaginary: Ty Segall (07-30-2010 Amnesia, SF, CA)
School Days: Chuck Berry
Spy World: Wall of Voodoo

Mouth: Idiot Flesh
Iragi Curator: Triclops
Reurrectio: Harpsicorpse

Mataoza: Boris
Deep Sucker: Boris
Mudmen: Pink Floyd

My Way: Sid Vicious