A Season in Hell
A Season in Hell #123: That's President Hell To You
February 18, 2013 @ 8:00pm


It's President's Day in the US, and that means that...um, well, er...I'm not sure what that means. We used to have to holidays in February, one for Washington's birthday, and one for Lincoln's birthday. Now it's all on one day. I guess they figured George and Honest Abe are good guys, but why should they get all the glory? I mean, come on, how about Millard Fillmore, or William Howard Taft? And hey, let's give it up for my boy James K. Polk!!! Or how about Lester Young?

I got the day off today, which was nice. So I took the time to prepare a tasty treat of a show for you. The first hour features the holiday theme, some of which are a bit subversive. GASP!

Today also marks the 39th anniversary of the release of the first Kiss album, "Kiss". I pay homage to my first favorite group. I was in the Kiss Army at the age of 5. I truly do want to rock and roll all night, and party every day.

The second hour is all new music. There is never a lack of great new sounds out there, and leave it to the best radio station west of East Orange, New Jersey to give it to you. I share links for then stuff. Click on it, and go buy their music.

As always, support live, local music.



Do It: Rollins Band
54/40 or Fight: Dead Moon

James K. Polk: They Might Be Giants
Christ for President: Billy Bragg
Bonzo Goes to Bitburg: The Ramones

Sweethearts: Camper Van Beethoven
If There's a Hell Below: Curtis Mayfield
Funky President: James Brown
If Reagan Played Disco: Minutemen

Mr President We're In Trouble (ft. Jimmy Carter): Fold
Remixed Speech at Ft. Bragg 06/28/2005: George W. Bush
George Bush Don't Like Black People: K.O.

Deuce: Kiss
Goin' Blind: Melvins

You Gotta Have Someone: Mikal Cronin
She's In All Your Dreams: The Orwells
Make Believe Emergencies: Adam Widener

Disguise: The Spyrals
Days of Being Wild: TV Torso
Funeral de John Fahey: Guadalupe Plata

Jubilee Street: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
The Ghost: Deer Tick
My Hands are Empty: Joseph Hein

I've Been There: Cody Chestnut
De La Ceca A La Meca (Sally's Uptight): Darwin Teoria

Houses (feat. Neil Young on Guitar): Elyse
My Way: Sid Viscious