An Evening to Forget with Sissy Payczechs

An Evening to Forget – Italo Disco

Monday, September 5


Hello, listeners. This week, special guest DJ Pierogi selected TWO HOURS of Italo Disco for your listening pleasure.

  1. Gary Low, “I Want You”
  2. Scotch, “Take Me Up”
  3. Fancy, “Slice Me Nice”
  4. Fun Fun, “Color My Love”
  5. Babys Gang, “Happy Song”
  6. Ken Laszlo, “Hey Hey Guy”
  7. Righeira, “Vamos a la Playa”
  8. Silver Pozzoli, “Around My Dream”
  9. Baltimora, “Chinese Restaurant”
  10. Roby Benvenuto, “Stammering DJ”
  11. Gazebo, “I Like Chopin”
  12. Valerie Dore, “The Night”
  13. Clio, “Faces”
  14. Charlie, “Spacer Woman”
  15. Vivien Vee, “Higher”
  16. My Mine, “Hypnotic Tango”
  17. Mr. Flagio, “Take a Chance”


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