Power Tool Dragraces

Saturday, July 9, 6pm

I thought I’d add this little bit in; I was one of the MC’s for the PTDR’s as seen on TV! I do this every year. It’s a bit of zany fun Chicken John, Dr. Hal and I do, just to make fun of tech geeks…lie us.

Discovery Channel showed four, one hour, episodes in may of this year (2005). I’m the one in the lovely ice cream man blazer. I’m not the one on the mic. That’s Dr. Hal of “Church of the Subgenius” fame, and the other fine chap is Chicken John of “The Odeon” fame.

Those bastards at Discovery Channel didn’t want to offend anyone with my name (John Hell), so they added an “e” on the end of my last name. At the same time, they showed the flag girl in the skimpiest of outfits as much as they could. I don’t want to even tell you about the pay. I will say, however, that Discovery Channel has their own zip code. Cheap bastards.

I have more photos up on my tribe site.

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