New Propaganda Tsar

Wednesday, July 27, 1pm

It’s not so difficult to write when one is passionate about the topic. Today I’m passionate about so many things, it’s hard to organize them into seperate thoughts. Having a blog allows me to rant here and there about my varied interests: music, media, politics, local issues, education, etc. Sometimes, however, all of these interests overlap into one big ball of confusion.

Today I read that Karen Hughes, W’s first communications director/press secretary has been confirmed as the Under-secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. She gave her testimony before two senators only and was easily confirmed.

This is a perfect example of how the tail will wag the dog. Any viewers of The West Wing will undoubtedly be able to prdeict that Hughes’ job will be to do just exactly this: wag the dog, where foregin relations is concerned.

The question is, will the media continue to lay down and allow this to happen unabated? I find it interesting that ever since John Roberts was nominated for the Supremes, which by the way, the White House refuses to release all documents about him; we haven’t been paying much attention to Karl Rove. What will happen with the Rove story? Why isn’t the media continuing to pressure the white house about him? Why does the news media speak about issues only if they are brought up by the White House?

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