It takes courage

Friday, October 28, 11am

I’m sick of the lies, aren’t you? Over 2000 American sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers are dead. For what? It’s for more than oil. It’s for a way of life that is killing us all: capitalism! It’s destroying the world. If it were up to the conservatives in congress, (and sadly it is) this war would never end. Laissez Faire economics has turned into corporatism, which is just a fancy word for fascism.

The only thing our leaders care about is how much the profits have grown for all of their wealthy CEO friends and relatives. Maybe, just maybe with the recent indictment of Tom Delay, and the possible future of indictment of Bill Frist, this county will wake up to the shameful way our “representatives” have been acting. Thank god for a special prosecutor who may actually hand down an indictment to our very own Spiro Agnew: Dick Cheney. I know, I know, I’m dreaming, but who knows, it may happen sooner than later.

Anyway, check out this short flash film about our fabulous leaders and their wonderful war.


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