Pirate Cat Radio, Week Two

Wednesday, August 29, 6pm

A Season In Hell, on Pirate Cat Radio 87.9FM, Monday’s 8-Midnight (PST) This week was too much fun. I had on as special guests, Ron Donavan and Chuck Sperry of Firehouse Custom Poster Art, in San Francisco. They brought along with them Reese, Matt and Jamie, of B.R.A.G. Art, three aspiring poster artists from across the pond: England. What ensued should have been captured on film. At least Ron couldn’t put down his iPhone. They arrived around 9pm, the show having been on since 8. Ice Cream Lopez let them in, and once the beer was flowing, we got down to brass tax. I asked them to bring music, which they did. They offered to bring posters to give away over the air, which they did as well. Attempting to do an actual interview while Ron was on the prowl, proved to be a task, but one I was ready to be challenged with. One issue I have encountered at Pirate Cat Radio is the fact that the three mics are all tied into one chanell, with one mic being very “hot”, and the other quite “cold”. In laymen terms, that means I havee to keep my hand on the volume knob at all times. While I was interviewing the Brits, Ron kept jumping in with some rather entertaining comments and questions. You must listen to the podcast of this show to understand what I’m talking about. I’m a collector of all things concert poster since I was 14 years old, and I bought a 1st edition Lee Conklin Grateful Dead poster, from 2/27-3/2/69. That’s the run of shows featured on the classic “Live Dead” release. I have quite a few Firehouse posters as well, so getting to know Ron and Chuck personally has been quite a treat. I’ve known Ron for about a year, and I can tell you he’s your best friend. He’ll go far out of his way to collaborate on the most fun activities with you. Chuck is a true friend. He’s interested in what you’ve got to say, and he’s so excited to share his ideas with you too. It’s no wonder they work together. There is a ton of energy between the two of them. They made the poster for this weekend’s Endless Strummer show at Bottom of the Hill, in San Francisco. The show is a tribute to the late great Clash singer/guitarist, Joe Strummer. It’s also a benefit for Strummerville, The Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music. The show begins at 9pm. If you’re in the SF Bay Area, come on out for a great show. Pirate Cat Radio will be broadcasting the entire show as well, and I’ll be the MC for the night. Tune in online here, to listen live. As for the music on this fine SF night, it’s all over the map. Check out the links, and as always, support live, local music.

Finklestein Shit Kid
Up In Smoke:
Cheech and Chong
James Bond Theme:
Naked City

Almost Ready: Dino Jr.
Blood Witch:
32 Mouths Gone Dry:
Slim Cessna
Gogol Bordelo

You’re Gonna Miss Me: Roky Erickson
High Roller:
Cheap Trick
Cocaine: Johnny Cash

Police & Theives: The Clash (03-08-80)
Wiggle Stick:
Rev. Horton Heat
Earthquake: Butthole Surfers


A Children’s Garden Of Grass
Diamanda Galas
Rock Fight: Cheech & Chong


Where is the Future: Mudhoney
Sonic Youth
Prince (7-7-07)


Marquee Moon: Television
The Elderberries
It’s Hard To Be Humble:
Mac Davis


Hitler’s & Jews: Part Chimp
Earth People:
Dr. Octogon
the Sticks
I Love Livin’ In The City:
Danko Jones


Wasted Life: Uncommon Men From Mars
Stay Free:
The Clash (09-21-79)
The Way:
Bonnie Prince Billy


Up In Smoke Reprise: Cheech & Chong

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