Pirate Cat Radio, Week Three

Monday, September 3, 4pm

Hey there, hi there, ho there. (no offense to any ho’s out there).

Tonight on A Season in Hell, 8-midnight on PIrate Cat Radio 87.9fm in SF and LA, 104.8 in Berlin (no kidding), and online at, we’ll be having the sound engineer from SF, Lindsey (I don’t know her last name). She does sound for a few SF clubs, including Thee Parkside and Cafe duNord.

We’ll be talking about the world of live music, how and why she got into this career, and some great club stories as well. This will be at about 9 tonight.

From 8-9 you can hear new music, and 10-midnight I’ll be stretching out in the aural sense of the word.

As always, we welcome your requests. Tune in for the phone number, it’s something I haven’t written down as of yet. Also, you can always email me during the show.

Ice Cream Lopez will be taking the controls for a while tonight, so she can get her radio stripes down before she begins a PCR show of her own.

Thanks for your support.

If you, or someone you know would care to be interviewed on my show, or any show on PCR, please send me a shout.



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