A Season In Hell, Week Five-Playlist

Tuesday, September 18, 9am

Pirate Cat Radio, Week 5

I filled in for “Neat, Neat Noise”, who’s show is from 6-8pm. You can find the mp3 archive of that part of the show here.

In The Temple Of Hadjarim: John Zorn
Ain’t Talkin’ About Love: Minutemen
Wendy: Descendents

Sex Bomb: Flipper
Beer: Artless
Dancin’ Now: Three Day Stubble

Comin’: Men’s Club
54-40 or Fight: MonoMen
Codine: the Monkeywrench
Pink14: The Buff Medways (Wild Billy Childish)

Pinhead: The Ramones
Peaches & Regalia: Mothers Of Invention
What Would You Do? Paris (Sonic Jihad)

Cyclops: Turn Me On Dead Man
Atomic Punk: Cherry 2000
Euthenasia: Melvins
Planet of the Apes: Mummies

C is for Cookie: Cookie Mongoloid

Frank Chu Interview

The show continues here. It cuts into the middle of Frank Chu talking. Good for you that you can hear all of the interview by downloading the earlier portion of the show, by clicking on the above link.

I’m A Man: Bo Diddly
Howlin’ Blues: Howlin’ Wolf

Frank Chu Interview

Tango Til They’re Sore: Tom Waits (VH1 Storytellers)
Little Red Hen: Taj Mahal

Frank Chu Interview

I Had A Talk With My Woman: Tim Buckley
Lover, You Should’ve Come Over: Jeff Buckley (live)

Seer: Witch
Feedbacker (Part 3): Boris
Words of Advice: Material

Sun Flower: East New York Ensemble
Darkest Light: The Lafayette Afro-Rock Band

Suite: John Coltrane

Everything Good: Liar
Brazen: Heartless Bastards

Selfdestructo Bust: Turbonegro
Prehistoric Dog: Red Fang
Fuse: Radio Moscow

Jeepster: T Rex
Hard-On For War: Mudhoney
Black Betty: ZZ Top

Prayer Difficulty: Savage Vigilance for a Rug-Free America
The Hat Collector: Aids Wolf
Cyrano: William Shatner
California Uber Alles: Disposible Hero’s of Hiphopracy

Shark Attack: Surf Punks
No fat chicks: surf punkls (oops!)
Go Away: Blondie
Your phone’s off the hook: X

Erc McFadden Interview

I feel too good to die: eric McFadden trio
Miranda: Eric Mcfadden Trio

Eric McFadden interview, with icecreamlopez running the board, and Ron Donovan running his mouth.

Freaks Like Us: Eric McFadden Trio
Flowers On The Wall: Statler Bros.
Wo ist Zu ha Mama: Johnny Cash

Eric McFadden interview, kind of.

Baby Please Don’t Go: Ted Nugent
I Heard It On The X: Olivelawn
Shyboy: david lee roth
Up in Smoke reprise: Cheech and Chong

icecreamlopez ran the board for the last hour and a half. She’s in training. I may have gotten a C- for my teaching quality last night. I take any and all responsibility for dead air.

See the posting below for links to all parties who attended tonight’s show.

Ron and icecreamlopez were having the total air guitar championship during the afterparty. I believe icecream won, because she was making “the face”.

“This is a sparkle time for all of us” Ron Donovan

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