Pirate Cat Radio, Week Six-Don’t Tase Me, Man

Monday, September 24, 12pm

I’ve put on a lot of weight in the last year. I’m probably about 30 pounds heavier than I was this same time last year. I don’t have an image issue, but I do have a health issue. I would love to live to a healthy old age, but I have an issue with sweets. I love them.

I also love super burritos.

I did switch from super carne asada, to super grilled chicken; light on the rice, with black beans. I feel better already. I’ve been trying really hard to cut out soda too. Any tips?

What is it about the whole diet and exercise thing that is so unattractive to me? I like to look good more than I like to feel good. But, I’d rather sit on my ass, and surf the Internet, than sit on my ass and do stomach crunches. I don’t believe I’m shallow; I just don’t want to work on looking good AND feeling good.

With that said, my fat ass will be interviewing Paytrick Williams (yes, that’s how his name is spelled…I think). He looked good. That is until the police beat him. He wants to tell his story. Just another case of the Man coming down on the downtrodden in an urban setting, or was he asking for it?

You be the judge.

Tune in 6-midnight tonight, Monday, September 24, 2007, to A Season In Hell, with John Hell, on 87.9FM in SF and LA, 104.8FM in Berlin, and online at

I’ll be joined, as usual, by icecreamlopez, who will taking at least one hour to run the board on her own, as she is thrust into the world of LIVE RADIO! It’s always possible that Ron Donovan of Firehouse Kustom Posters will be joining us as well later in the evening. Last week he brought music great Eric McFadden along with him. Whom might he bring tonight?

See you on the radio.

jh (set lists posted weekly)

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