A Season In Hell #15: Are We Not Pirates?

Sunday, December 2, 10pm

Hey there DEVO fans.

I’ll be interviewing Loid of Mongoloid, Mongolounge,
and Cookie Mongoloid, Monday night on A Season In Hell
with John Hell. We’ll be talking everything DEVO, as
well as the upcoming show this Saturday at 12
Galaxies: Mongoloid-A-Palooza, which features
Mongoloid, Mogolounge (DEVO done Lounge), Rev Ivan
Stang (Sacred Subgenius Scribe and Founder, who will
be on my show on 12/10), Dr. Hal, K-ROB, DJ Big Daddy
and more.

A Season in Hell, with John Hell, every Monday night
from 8-midnight, on Pirate Cat Radio, 87.9FM in LA and SF, 104.8FM in Berlin, and online at


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