A Season in Hell #18: Go Ho Yourself

Monday, December 24, 1pm

Hey there party revelers.

Tune in Monday night 6-midnight (PST) to A Season in
Hell, with John Hell, on Pirate Cat Radio 87.9fm in SF
and LA, 104,8fm in Berlin, online at for the first John & Ron Ass
Kickin' Holiday Rock Bout!!!

I have challenged my good friend, and world famous
concert poster artist Ron Donovan
( & to
a six hour duel of who has the best live (read:
bootleg) recordings. I know I'm going to kick Ron's
ass, but I thought it better to make him think he has
a fighting chance.

Ron is nervous too. He text messaged me after midnight
saying he was going to "slay me" during tonight's
show. He was obviously up all night biting his nails.
Get any sleep Ron? You'll need it.

This is without a doubt, the best way to spend your
X-Mas eve. Forget the family, put out the cat, and put
on your hair swinging shoes.

Expect everything from Punk to Prince, Parliament to
Polka. Well, not polka. But we do have many genres

As always the show will be archived on the Pirate Cat
website. Just click here:
and look to the right under "podcasts" Click on the
date, which will say "12-25-07". There ya go. If you
tune in live, call in at 415-626-6180.

I'll post the exact links to the podcast following the
show here and on my blog,,
where I'll also post the full and complete set list.

See you on the radio!!!

***Ron's response to this original email posting is below***

Oh this is real fucking nice little johnny helion.

You have a rather distorted or should I say dyslecsic view of things.

It is I who will be doing the "ass kicking".

This rock fight may be a "dime a dozen" thing to you but when

you call out an international silkscreen superstar like myself

and just so happens to have catologue that can back the shit I am
telling you,

means just one thing.


I am so confident, that I will bring things in tonight to give away



I feel for you and your "fans"

I'll see you at the rockfight tonight at 6pm sharp bitch.

Your pal......(who will kick your ass silly)

***My response to Ron***

My reply to Ron:

Helion indeed! You'll be feeling the flames of fire underneath your
hobbit-sized little punk ass, as I wipe up the holiday spew with your
light-rock, Dan Folgelberg (RIP), Ann Murray collecting hair weave.

The listeners know, that I, John Hell, rule the bootleg world. I am
who hosts the weekly radio show, while all you do is sit in your
hobbit hole getting ink all over your precious surf shorts, that it is
I who will be burying you between 6 and midnight (pst) 87.9fm in SF and LA, 104.8fm in Berlin.

So bring your presents to give away over the air. If you think that
will get you votes from my dedicated listeners, then feel free to
bring your original silkscreened concert posters as BRIBES. It won't
help much, but I don't mind seeing you grovel a little.

Much love.




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