A Season in Hell #18: Rock Fight

Monday, December 24, 6pm

A Season in Hell: Rock Fight

Download the first two hours of the show here and the last four hours here.

Opened with 30 minutes of alcohol related songs, because Ron was late; big surprise.

We started with the following set list around 6:45 or so.

Rock Fight: Cheech and Chong
Whiskey, Beer and Wine: Pleasure Barons: 3/94
Funky Cowboy: Goober and the Peas: 03-16-95

Stranglehold: Ted Nugent: 09/02/78
Voodoo Child: SRV: 06/17/85

Makin’ Moves: UFO: 03/13/81
Jungle Strut: Santana: 04/03/71
Somebody Get Me A Doctor: Van Halen: 12/16/07
Trampled Underfoot: Led Zeppelin: 12/10/07

Nationwide: ZZ Top: 07/19/82
Fat Lenny & Sketches of Winkle: Ween: 11/27/97
A Quick One: fIREHOSE: 08/25/89

Chemical Warfare: Dead Kennedy’s: 10/15/80
Sonic Reducer: Dead Boys (Dead Dolls): 05/06/78
Flip Your Wig: Husker Du: 1985
Gotta Choose: Kiss: 05/16/75

Julie’s Working for the Drug Squad: The Clash: 03/08/80
Blind Man: Butthole Surfers: 1988

Outshine: Chris Cornell: 05/20/07
Territorial Pissings: Nirvana: 02/22/94
Barracuda: Heart: 01/27/79
Halo of Flies: Melvins: 03/09/04

Lost Art of Keeping it a Secret: Queens of the Stoneage: 06/14/05
Mudride: Mudhoney: 09/15/07

Free Ride: Edgar Winter: 09/03/74
I and I Survive: Bad Brains: 09/23/07

Pinball Wizard: Elton John: 12/24/82
Amazing Journey/Sparks: The Who: 11/02/69

All the Critics Love You: Prince: 02/13/07
Dance to the Music: Sly and the Family Stone: 10/09/70

Stare it Cold: Black Crowes: 08/07/05
In Memory of Elizebeth Reed: Allman Brothers: 02/11/70

3121: Prince: 07/07/07
Girls & Boys: Prince: 07/07/07

Train: Prince: Unreleased from 1986
Shy: Prince: Studio Outtake
Something in the Water: Prince: Studio 04/20/82

Lizard People: Sun Trash: 12-10-07

Irresistible Bitch: Prince: 04/07/85
Possessed: Prince: 04/07/85
Sign O The Times: Prince: 02/15/04
Licking Stick, Licking Stick: James Brown: 08/26/68
Got To Get Better In A Little While: Derek & the Dominoes: 10/23/70
Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys: Traffic: 02/01/72

In My Time Of Dying: Led Zeppelin: 12-10-07
For Your Life: Led Zeppelin: 12-10-07

Fairytale of New York: The Pogues: 10/18/06

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