A Season In Hell #27: School Layoffs and a Dry Demartini

Tuesday, March 18, 7am

A Season in Hell #27: School Layoffs, and a Dry Demartini

Tonight on the show, I spoke a bit about the California budget crises, which has led to a $40 million cut in education in SFUSD, where I teach. I, myself, have received a layoff notice, and it will hit me hard if I do not return to teaching next year. Hopefully the school district and the city/county of San Francisco will be able to come to a deal, regarding the city’s rainy day fund, and then they can rescind thee layoffs. Keep your fingers crossed please.

An old friend stopped by to say hello: Curtis Demartini. curtis was the former button monkey for Live 105 morning show host Alex Bennett, back in the 90s. We met at Burning Man, when I invited him to come on and do a show. We used to make a lot of fun of Alex. He’s easy to make fun of.

Curtis and Chuck Farnum (who phoned in) have a website, you can access here. They look for a weird time wherever they can find it.

You can access the entire show here. See the play list below.

I love livin; in the city: Danko Jones
Hard Time Killer Floor Blues: Skip James
Hard to be Humble: Mac Davis

Black Cross: 45 Grave
Freak Shop USA: Monster Magnet

Curtis Demartini & Chuck Farnum

Army of Ideal: Nothing People
What do you want from Life?: The Tubes

Curtis Demartini & Chuck Farnum

Come on, come on: Little Birdie
Gli Amanti D’Oltretomba: Black Sunday
These Days: Psychedelic Horseshit

Still Sleep: Tyvek
Movies for You: Little Claw

Message from the law: Sic Alps
Relentless Machines: Thomas Function
Alergy: Times New Viking
Sexiest: Sonic Chicken 4
Teabag Party: King Khan & BBQ

Killy Kundane: Dirty Three
Lanky: Syd Barrett
James Bond Theme: Naked City (12-05-90)

Flower Sun Rain: Boris (11-18-06)
You Don’t Love Me: Bloomfield Super Session
Shotgun Blues: Downchild Blues Band
Whiskey & Women: Hooker & Heat

Bring it on Back Home: Sonny Boy Williamson
Rap: Neil Cassidy
Cryptical Envelopment->
The Other One->
Cryptical Envelopment: The Grateful Dead (02-27-69)

?: John Coltrane (06-26-65)
Streams of Whiskey: The Pogues

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