A Season in Hell #30: Dirty 30 and Michael Peppe to Boot

Monday, April 14, 10pm

A Season In Hell #30: Dirty 30

Tonight in the studio I am so excited to have DADAist, wordsmith, absurdist, Michael Peppe. Peppe has a long performance history, going back to New York City in the mid-70s. He’s been in San Francisco for quite a while now (1980), and I have gotten to know him, seen him perform, had him perform at a few shows I produced over the years as well. On the show tonight Michael performs a part of a new two-and-a-half-hour long piece. He only does about 15 minutes of it.

The site is a great DADA site you should definitely check out. There are some Peppe recordings on there from the late 70’s. It also says he’s dead. So he’s got that going for him, which is nice. I remember listening to WFMU about five years ago, and they were playing some Michael Peppe. the DJ was asking where is Peppe now. I rushed to the computer and sent him an email, screaming that he’s in SF!!!

I’ll have him on again soon.

Download the show here.


I love Livin in the City: Danko Jones
Sonic Revelations: The Monkeywrench
Motor City is Burning: MC5

Ass, Gas, or Grass: Men’s Club
Pluto, September 31st: The Moving Sidewalks
Thurston Hearts the Who: Bikini Kill
Tunic: Sonic Youth
Columbian Necktie: Big Black

Michael Peppe Interview

Adolescent: Michael Peppe
We Do What We’re Told: Peter Gabriel

Rocked By Rape: Evolution Control Committee
Chariot Choogle: Fantomas/Mike Patton

Through the Roof and Underground: Gogol Bordello
?: Storm Large
This Land is your Land: Woody Guthrie
Leg: Arzachel

Desperado: Alice Cooper
Calvary Scars: Deerhunter
Ecru: Ken Nordine
Monster: Brute Force

Damballa: The Pharaohs
I Am The Black Wizard: Emperor
I Think of Demons: Roky Erickson
Ghost: Ladytron
Three Girl Rumble: Wire
Look At That Table and Make it Spin in Your Head: Lynx

Rollin & Tumblin’: Crack Daniels
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes/Maggot Brain: P-Funk (11-01-78)
Suck and Screw Orgy: Alan Karminski
Portland, Oregon: Loretta Lynn

Celluloid Heroes: The Kinks

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