A Season in Hell #31: Roller Derby-a-gogo, or a funny thing happened on the way to the show

Monday, April 21, 7pm

So, it would appear that the Pirate Cat Radio internet and FM signal were down even before I came to the station tonight. I won’t get into the details, because I would end up airing dirty laundry, which really has no place on this here blog of mine. But, suffice it to say, I attempted to get us back on the air, to no avail.

Coincidentally, I received a phone call from Chicken John, while I was waiting to see if we were going to be back on the air (the whole time I have my guest, Miss Frisky Kitten of B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls, waiting to be interviewed). He was calling me to ask if I could fill in for him as host of the Ask Dr. Hal Show at 12 Galaxies tonight. Very unusual considering I’m regularly attending to my own show during this time. It became obvious within the next 15 minutes that I would not be doing my radio show, so I phoned him saying I would be pleased to do it.

I consider myself to be Joan Rivers to Chicken’s Johnny Carson. I’ve filled in for him about 10 or so times over the last seven years. I do not do a Chicken John impersonation. I do me. I got some cudos from the crowd, but mostly it was just entertaining as hell watching Rose and Spy do their Mouse Trap dance. The Mouse trap boys did a dance all their own. I got the video to prove it.

I did give Pete Goldie a hard time. That’s always fun. Josh the Orange Box Man did a stupid joke. KROB pleased us with his dulcent tones, David Cappuro flashed us, in time, with many a visual treat. There was no Frank Chu, which is hard to believe. And of course, Hal was truly remarkable in his snare drum tight delivery. That guy can answer anything. I was quite liberal with the Fernet Branca. You’ve had some, haven’t you? I like what Katie said about it: “it tastes like minty butt.” Hmm… OK Then.

DJ icecreamlopez was manning the merch table for the Life-Sized Mouse Trap. She is one cute counter girl. All in all a fine night indeed.

I got in a great discussion with Mark Perez, the creator of the Mouse Trap, about the lack of “new blood”, participating in the SF scene. I hypothesized that the newer folks in town are not aware of the rich body of work that has taken place by so many in recent years. They don’t know where their own place is. Mark told me that I must write a book about the last 15 years in SF. There is so much to say. Who would I interview? How would I focus it? Who would read it?

It’s almost 1am, and I work tomorrow. Thanks for reading. All comments are welcome, unless they’re about World of Warcraft, or some other shit like that. Good night to all the strip teasing mice out there.

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