A Season in Hell #31: Do Over

Monday, April 28, 6pm

Tonight on the show, Jen Burke Anderson ( joined me in the studio. Jen is an old friend from my KFJC days. She’s a fabulous writer, and was kind enough to read some excellent pieces for us. I love the fundamentalist church piece. Tent revivals should always be this fun.

After the show I went over to 12 Galaxies to check out the last show of the season for Ask Dr. Hal. I was very tempted to walk up on stage and carry Chicken off. But, I figured it was the last show, he might as well enjoy himself while it lasts. It is a very good show… at times.

You can download the show here.

for some reason it appears that only the first two hours were archived. All of my interview with Miss Anderson is there, but you miss some brilliant musical selections, as well as an amazing rant against the suburbs. What the hell do they have that’s so good, anyway? It’s always the best shows that don’t get recorded. Oh well, one for the ages, I guess. I think the podcast ends with Boris. Yes, yes it does.

Next week on a Season in Hell, the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls (BAD Girls, get it) will be on the show, as well as Ragi the Lawyer.

I Love Livin in the City: Danko Jones
She Watch Channel Zero: Public Enemy
The Elephant is Dead: Bill Hicks

Jen Burke Anderson Interview

Space-Age Couple: Captain Beefheart

Jen Burke Anderson Interview

Tribal Connection: Gogol Bordello

Jen Burke Anderson Interview

T For Texas: Toshio Hirano
Backed into a Corner: Three Day Stubble
Two Little Pigs: The Cows

Rip Van Winkle: Witch
A Bou A Qu: Boris

All Blues: Stan Hirsch & Eric McFadden
Three O’Clock Blues/Darlin’ You Know I Love You: BB King
29 Ways (To Get to My Baby’s Door): Koko Taylor
Rock Steady: John Lee Hooker

Baby Please Don’t Quit Me: Lightnin’ Hopkins
Planet of the Apes: The Mummies
Gallis Pole: Leadbelly
Skunk: MC5

Baro Faro: Gogol Bordello (11-13-08)
Looking out my Window: Tom Jones
Babelogue/Rock and Roll Nigger: Patti Smith
There Stands The Glass: Webb Pierce
Autobody: Zeni Geva

Everyday I Love You Less and Less: Kaiser Chiefs
I Have Tasted the Fire Inside Your Mouth: Nadja

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