A Season in Hell #12 (FCCFreeRadio): Eric McFadden

Monday, August 10, 6pm

The Finkelstein Shit Kid – Mr. Stoner->Up in Smoke Theme: Cheech & Chong
Working For A Dead Man: Eric McFadden
I’m Spun: Mudhoney
Pine On: Obits

Misery is the River of the World: Tom Waits
Cold Spring: Cymbals Eat Guitars
The Letter: Big Star-nobody can dance lp 2006
Shield Whip: Deastro

Steel Bridge Song: pat mCdonald
Speed of E: Jane Weidlan and Geri X, Eric McFadden
Silver Span: Gary Wertz, Kris Doty

What Can I Do To Change Your Mind: Adam Mackintosh/Corey Carlson
The Middle 8: Sid Brown
Monument: Geri X, Robby Schiller

Left to Rust: Robbie Schiller, Dustin Welch
Not Right Now: Robbie Schiller, Joe Crockett, Right on John
Two Graves: Eric McFadden, James Hall
Judy Loves the Bridge/ Waitin’ for the Bridge: Judy: Eric McFadden, Gary Wertz; Waitin”: Freedy Johnson, Mark Addison
Over Water Wide: Eric McFadden, Anna Sacks

Push you off the Bridge: Jane Wiedlin
Never Ending Dream: Eric McFadden, Kris Doty, Gary Wertz
Into the Spin: Sid Brown
Pissin’ in the Shadows: Gary Wertz, Eric McFadden, Tex Coyote, Joe Crockett

C’est Noye’: Victoria Vox, melaniejane
Lackey’s Men: Eric McFadden, Delaney Davidson

Steel Yourself: pat mAcdonald, Jackson Brown
Twirl: Susan Howe, Charlie Cheney
She’s a Rock and Roller: Adam Mackintosh, Lumberjack Cash, Wally Ingram
3000 Lines of Defense: Geri X, Eric McFadden

Steel Shines: Rob Atwood, Kim Manning
Door County Girl: Freedy Johnston, Mark Addison
Lost At Sea: Dustin Welch, Jeremiah Nelson, Ellie Maybe, Dixie Jacobs
Jump: Geri X, James Hall, Eric McFadden, Laura Schultz

Party on the Bridge: James Hall and the Whole Gang
The Bridge is High: Jane Weidlin, Sid Brown, Peter Ress, Travis Kasperbauer, Ellie Maybe, Dixie Jacobs
Heartbeat or Hammer: Casey Crowley, Jeremiah Nelson, Jim Troglin, Dustin Welch, Victor Delarenzo, pat mAcdonald

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