A Season in Hell #20 (FCCFreeRadio): Phat Man Dee and Me

Monday, September 28, 6pm

The Finlestein Shit Kid->Up in Smoke: Cheech and Chong
Dreaming: The Cherubs
Run, Rabbit Run->Rise up with Fists: Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
Shit Luck: Modest Mouse
High Plains Drifter: Beastie Boys

10,000ft high and Rising: The Hooks
Hobo Love: Rube Waddell
Tunic: Sonic Youth
Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More: Mudhoney

Eat Steak: Reverend Horton Heat
Elvis is Everywhere: Mojo Nixon and Skip Roper
Down Home Girl: The Coasters
Sticky Situations: National Hardwood Floor Association
Phone Numbers: National Hardwood Floor Association
Permanent Makeup: National Hardwood Floor Association
Good Dream: National Hardwood Floor Association
Yogurt Configurations: National Hardwood Floor Association
I Love you Peggy: Butthole Surfers
Shevil: The Melvins

Lovesong for the Botfly: Triclops!
I Must Have Been Blind: Eugene Chadbourne
Cultural Hurricane: John Wilkes Booze
Reject/Refuse: La Plebe

Capt Midnight: Tomahawk
I’ve Been Working: Van Morrison
Emma: Hot Chocolate
By the Time I get to Arizona: Public Enemy & Tijuana Brass

Theme from Cyrano->Mr. Tambourine Man: William Shatner
Ballad of Bilbo Baggins: Leonard Nimoy
King Kong: Jimmy Castor Bunch

Interview with Phat Man Dee

The Esplinade: Eric Davis & Mark Nichols

Interview with Phat Man Dee

I Know A Place: Steffanos X
Syncronicicity: Eric Davis & Mark Nichols & Whole Cast

Interview with Phat Man Dee

2 Drunk 2 Fuck: Avenue D

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