A Season in Hell #22 (FCCFreeRadio): RE: Invention

Monday, October 12, 5pm

The Finkelstein Shit Kid – Mr. Stoner->Up In Smoke: Cheech and Chong
400 Bucks: Supersuckers
Take a Letter Maria: The Pleasure Barons
Mr. Plow: Homer Simpson
I Love the Living You: Roky Ericson

Hazey Jane II: Nick Drake
We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue: Curtis Mayfield
Bang, Bang: Nancy Sinatra
One More Cup of Coffee: Bob Dylan

Interview with Catherine Goerz

Give Me Wine Or Money: The Mekons

Interview with Catherine Goerz

Money: Bernadette Seacrest And Her Yes Men
Big Log: Robert Plant

Interview with Catherine Goerz

Happy Boy: Beat Farmers
Bullshit Summer: Lazy Cowgirls
More Than I Need: Brother Joscephus and the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra
Gut Feeling / (Slap Your Mammy): DEVO
Touch Me I’m Sick: Sonic Youth
One More Cup of Coffee: White Stripes

Get Behind the Mule: Tom Waits (Live)
Miss California Speech
Earth People: Dr. Octogon
Number One Son: Camera Obscura

Long White Cadillac: The Blasters (06-30-86)
Burn One Down: Ben Harper (02-15-04)

When Doves Cry: Ani DiFranco (03-21-98)
Working Man: Rush (07-14-02)
China->Rider: Grateful Dead (11-17-73)

Cymbaline: Pink Foyd (03-20-70)
B-Movie Boxcar Blues: Blues Brothers (12-31-78)

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