A Season in Hell #37: I’m Up in Smoke

Monday, February 15, 7pm

The Finkelstein Shit Kid – Mr. Stoner->Up in Smoke: Cheech and Chong
Jet Airliner: Paul Pena

(She’s So) Selfish: The Knack
Am I Black Enough for You: Schoolly D
The Deacon: Brute Force
Because (acapella): The Beatles (for my girl)
A Change is Gonna Come: Otis Redding

Do Do Wap Is Strong In Here: CURTIS MAYFIELD
If I Only Had A Brain: Abbey Lincoln

Khebar: Bar Kokhba Sextet
Frisco Blues: John Lee Hooker

Hey Everyone: Boris!
Set Me Straight: Melvins

Black Original: Boris!!
Set Me Straight: Cows
…and hear nothing: Boris!!!
The Escape: Radio Moscow

Doin’ It To Death: James Brown
Gunslinging Bird: Mingus
I Met Roky Erickson: Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston

Down to the Nightclub: Tower of Power (5-14-74)
Baby, Please Don’t Go: Muddy Waters & the Rolling Stones (11-22-81)
Further on up the Road: The Band with Eric Clapton (11-25-76)

Debris Slide: Pavement (1-27-96)
Plateau: Meat Puppets (09-21-84)
Song Long Baby, Goodbye: Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men (12-06-03)

Rainbow: Boris (4-19-09)
Nefertiti: Herbie Hancock (7-11-81)

Hope: Dirty Three (06-07-98)

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