Radio Valencia is on the air!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 9pm

It’s been a while, but I’m back on the “air”.

Since my departure from FCCFreeRadio last March, I’ve been involved in creating a new and very much improved, radio station in SF, Radio Valencia.

A Season in Hell, Monday’s 8-10pm.

My old friend Chicken John, whom I have done many shows since 1995, including Church of the Bleeding Ulcer, You Asked for it, Lost Vegas, and the Power Tool Drag Races, asked me to help him set up a true community radio station. It didn’t take me two seconds to jump at the opportunity.

After consulting with some roustabouts, that included Trademark G. of Evolution Control Committee, and Wrybread of Photoboof, it was decided that we can make this happen.

That was in April.

Today we flipped the switch!!!

We have 30 people on staff, and 24 two-hour weekly shows, featuring some of the best SF has to offer, including the Ask Dr. Hal Show, KROB, Drinks with Tony, and The Sound of Plaid (ECC), just to name but a few.

I’ve been involved in bay area radio since 1988, and micro-powered radio since I co-founded Radio Free Burning Man back in 1994. I have not been this excited about a radio station since I witnessed the immediate response RFBM would get from that community.

I truly believe that Radio Valencia has the power to drive the community as the bulletin board with the megaphone, all neighborhoods deserve to have.

At this moment the website is a shambles and the board looks like it’s had one too many beers spilled on it, but that’s what I love about community. Everyone is coming together to make this thing happen. In time the website will kick ass, we’ll have a new board, and other flashy bells and whistles a radio station needs to rock.

At least the automated playlist which plays when there is no live show, doesn’t suck.

A station with no meetings? A station with no mandated promos to play? A station where the DJs are encouraged to create art two hours a week, with no interruption? A station that is actively searching for inspired people to come and play with us, no strings attached? A station that hopes to inspire a community? That’s my kind of station. Sign me up!

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