9 Mile Bike Ride Through the Presidio

Sunday, September 12, 9pm

Wow, I’ve owned my Rockhopper for about 10 years, maybe more, but today Catherine and I went on the best, and most tiring ride of my life. She lives in the Haight, so we took off from there, through the Panhandle, up Arguello, into the Presidio, to Lincoln, to Baker Beach, where we took a bit of a break. Then down the hill, through Sea Cliff (past Robin Williams’ house), past the Palace of the Legion of Honor, past the Cliff House, and down to the Park Chalet for a well-deserved burger. After that it was through Golden Gate Park on back to the homestead.

Damn if my body didn’t earn this rest. That was awesome. I took some hills well, took a few more breaks than expected, but overall happily surprised myself.

Just one more reason I love this women. We keep pushing each other to do the best things life has to offer. Thanks baby.

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