A Season in Hell #5: Radio Valencia: I Love Livin’ in the City

Monday, September 13, 7pm

Lot’s of new, fine music to rock your groove to. Also, some fine extended, live jams in the second hour.

Here’s the link to the first hour.
Here’s the link to the second hour.

Hour one:
The Finkelstein Shit Kid – Mr. Stoner->Up in Smoke: Cheech and Chong
I Love Livin’ in the City: Fear
Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury: Rachel Bloom

Bugalu: Garotas Suecas
Music Is My Girlfriend: Let’s Wrestle
Hey, Hey We’re The Gories: The Gories
Night Jogger: Those Darlins

Good Friday (feat. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson): Kanye West
Mighty Mike: Imagine a Jump (John Lennon vs. Van Halen)
Post Acid: Wavves
Dirty: Woozy Viper

Funeral Song: Minks
Clawing Out At The Walls: Dominant Legs

Concert Outlook: Music by Jim Harris (FLOL)

Happy Animals: Futurebirds
Home: Glasser

Hour two:
Come Undone: Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan (BBC 2010)
Run Like Hell: Primus (05-03-89 – KZSU)

If you Go: Syd Barrett (Last Recording 08-12-74)
All is Loneliness: Janis Joplin (1967)
Sirena: Dirty Three (06-07-98)

Scarlet Begonias->Fire on the Mountain: Grateful Dead (12-13-80)

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