A Season in Hell #29: Radio Valencia: Now With More Winning

Monday, March 7, 7pm

A fun show tonight. I been listening to a lot of new music. I love reading the Aquarius Records reviews. Much of the music tonight is either from those reviews, or music inspired by those reviews.

No in-studio guest tonight, but investigative journalist Kevin Pina phoned in to give us an update on Haiti.

Now for some music.

Click here to hear.

Roustabout: Elvis Presley
The Singer (Johnny Cash/Nick Cave Cover): Dirty Beaches

Deliah’s Gone: Johnny Cash

Interview with Kevin Pina

Mercy Seat: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Dirt: The Stooges

Concert Outlook

Playboy Bunnies: Lāˆ†’ SHMOOVE
Longlights: Blank Dogs
Styled by Dr. Roberts: Frog Eyes

1312 Behold A Marvel In The Darkness: Deerhoof
Now, ah Lissen
Meat: Idiot Flesh
Mamno3 Mn El Ta3’eer: Ahmed Rock ( Revolution Records )

Shadow of the Boogie: Asiko Rock Group
Fantastic Man: William Onyeabor
Billy Fish: The Melvins

Jeremy’s Storm: Tame Impala
Sour Cherry: Azalia Snail

Get High Babe: John Wesley Coleman III
One Day: Kings Go Forth

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