A Season in Hell #33: Radio Valencia: International Louie Louie Day

Monday, April 11, 6pm

So it’s International Louie Louie Day. I thought I would pull some of the oddest versions you have never heard. In 1983 KFJC played many, many hours of Louie Louie. There’s a book about it somewhere. Richard Berry was born on this date, hence it being International Louie Louie Day. Big thanks to Eric Predoehl for his dedication. You’re obsessed, man!

Special guest Ruce and Dan from Heroes of the New Media were on talking about their upcoming Japanese benefit this Wednesday at Kimo’s on Polk St.

Enjoy the podcast here.

The Story Of Louie Louie: Harvey Robert Kubernik
Summer, Sex, and Louie: Jane Bond & The Undercovermen
Alu Aluai: Hermonos Carrion
Si C’Etat Elle: Les Players

Pinball Louie: The Guttersluts
Shrimp Louie: Shrimp Cocktail (Vince Guiraldi)
Psychotic Louie Louie: 39 Clocks (Clock DVA)

Ruce and Dan talking about the Japan Benefit

Acetone: Mudhoney
Clap Hands: Eric McFadden
Under Noon of Night: The Holy Kiss

Hour two:
Car Thief: Beastie Boys
Listening to Music While Stoned: A Children’s Garden of Grass
Fandango: Loop!Station
Statement: Boris

Five Feet High and Rising: Johnny Cash
Lilac Wine: Nina Simone
One Mint Julip: Louis Prima & Keely Smith
Muleskinner: Harry Belefonte

Tunic: Sonic Youth
Eminence Front: The Who
Jersey Girl: Tom Waits

Lord Knows Best: Dirty Beaches

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