A Season in Hell #46: Radio Valencia: Walk Out to Rock Out!

Monday, July 18, 7pm

Laurent Martini from Live Evil is on the air tonight talking about this Thursdays third annual “Walk Out to Rock Out“. Also on the show tonight, Stoo Odom of Graves Brothers Deluxe.

Do It: The Rollins Band
Led Zeppelin: Beat Farmers
Devil Tattoo: Live Evil

Interview with Laurent Martini

Got What it Takes: Lord Loves a Working Man
Lost in My World: Dug Dug’s
Freak Out Music: R. D. Burman
All Men Must be Brothers of Ludwig: Staff Carpenborg and the Electric Corona

You Make the Sun Fry: Ty Segall
Hotter Than Hell Promo: Kiss
She Shook Me Cold: David Bowie
The Pusher: Nina Simone
I Don’t Want to be a Soldier, Mama: John Lennon

Splinters: Graves Brothers Deluxe
Cave Song: Chris Stroffolino

Interview with Stoo Odom

Suck Candy: Human Toys
Hey Pretty Girl: The Booty Chesterfield Trio

“Interview” with Poupee

Scary Girls: Human Toys

Interview with Stoo Odom

Gentle as it may Seem: Iron Butterfly (11-09-67)
Country Roads: Toots and the Maytals (10-01-75)

Back Door Man: Hooker and Heat (04-15-71)
California Man: The Dictators (08-17-91)

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