A Season in Hell #48: Radio Valencia: Noise and Education

Monday, August 1, 7pm

I was walking a friend down Clarion Alley a few weeks ago, when I came across this guy playing “music” on a guitar, plugged into a cassette deck, and running through a small amp. I threw him a Radio Valencia sticker and told him to hit me up. His name is J. Lee and he’s in the studio with me tonight. Wow! I love this town. You can check out his stuff here:

The friend I was walking down the alley happens to be with the National Academy Foundation (NAF), who were in town two weeks ago for their annual education summit, which brings in about 1400 educators from around the nation. I’m a teacher, and I used to teach in a NAF academy. I believe strongly in the need for education reform. I walk the walk. During the conference I had the pleasure of sitting down with some NAF alumni as well as some current 12 graders to discuss how NAF has benefited them. I’ll be playing the interview tonight. If you’re interested in the future of education in America, I suggest you tune in.

Here’s the link to the archived show.

Do It: Rollins Band
Black Betty: The Melvins

National Academy Foundation
–Music Bed: The Dreamers, by John Zorn

Lazy Bones: Wooden Shjips

J.Lee performing live on A Season in Hell

Interview with J. Lee

The Envelope: The Rabbles

Rocked by Rape: Evolution Control Committee
Over the Edge (12/31/89): Negativeland
Remixed George W. Bush at Ft. Bragg 06-28-05
Cyrano->Mr. Tambourine Man: William Shatner
Schoolkids vs. Disco Illuminati
2 Drunk 2 Fuck: Avenue D
Star Spangled Banner: Kronos Quartet
Pepsi Jingle: T-Rex

Pirate Radio Killed the Video Star: Mongoloid

Champagne Tastes, Beer Pockets: Lord Loves A Working Man
Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime: Dean Martin

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