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Monday, February 13, 11pm

Valentines day is tomorrow and my love is 3200 miles away. She’s been gone for two weeks. Her sweet, loving father just passed away from colon cancer. He was diagnosed two weeks ago. Get a colonoscopy everyone. It’ll save your life.

Anyway, I’m lonely and feeling a bit annoyed with the fact that the Hallmark LOVE holiday is here. So, I thought I would annoy you for two hours with loud “music”.

Also, what the hell is the deal with the Grammy’s? The only point to this show is for Clive Davis to sell more music. Really, that’s it. The best selling music of the year, as pushed by music promoters that do not live in the same town as the radio stations they are programming, is awarded, which then leads to more sales. I’m sure the artists can make a lot of money off of this, but most of it goes to the industry execs.

Did Adelle deserve all the awards she won? I don’t know. As far as the Grammy’s are concerned, sure. Why not? Who cares?

I do have a lot of respect for best new artist of the year, Bon Iver, as he told an excited audience that there are a lot of musicians out there that are more deserving than him. Amen, brother. Amen.

From the Washington Post article: “Those who did know the band praised frontman Justin Vernon for his humble acceptance speech. “It’s hard to accept because when I started to make songs, I did it for the inherent reward of making songs, so I’m a little bit uncomfortable up here,” he said. “I want to say thank you to all of the nominees, to all of the non-nominees that have never been here and never will be here, all the bands I toured with, all of the bands that inspired me.” ”

And KFOG sucks ass. Have you noticed how they’ve gotten worse and worse all the time? I mean how much worse can they get? They haven’t been good since they had Em Dung on doing the mornings with Scoop Nisker and Kevin the Rat, back in the 80s. for those of you who love Em, he’s on Radio Valencia, Sundays 10-midnight now. HA!!!!


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Born to be Wild: Steppenwolf (In tribute to Paul Goerz. RIP)
Revolve: Melvins

Afterburner: Boris
Book 1, Page 15: Fantomas
Disgraceland: Zeni Geva

Concert Outlook

Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict: Pink Floyd
Hurry up and Wait: R.U.O.K.?
1: Porn~Merzbow
Feral: Tchkung

Liquorball Live
Snuff: Slayer
D. Popylepis: John Zorn’s Cobra
Snagglepuss: Naked City

Om: John Coltrane
Feedback: Grateful Dead (02-14-68)

I Left My Heart in San Francisco: Tony Bennett

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