Altered Barbie on A Season in Hell, Monday Night 8-10PM

Sunday, October 21, 10pm

Julie Anderson, curator for the Altered Barbie Exhibition will be John Hell’s guest on A Season in Hell, Monday night at 8pm.

Julie will be bringing along with her members of Junko and the Gypsy Brass Band, who will perform live in the Radio Valencia studios.

Info for the exhibition is below.

The 10th Annual San Francisco AlteredBarbie Exhibition

Shotwell 50, San Francisco, CA 94103
10/24/2012 – 11/18/2012

Julie Andersen
Altered Barbie 2012 Curator/ Event Producer
16 Flood Ave., SF CA 94131

Junko and the Gypsy Brass Band: The project “Gyspy Punk Opera” will launch on Oct 26th (Fri) at the AlteredBarbie Show. Gypsy Punk Opera is a music story with a message of nuclear nuclear power & the war industry today.

Music by Cyclub+East Bay Brass Band

Butoh by Hiroko Tamano with Earthchild

The Ethel Merman Experience! The Broadway diva with the big voice and big hair returns to the Altered Barbie closing night party! With Eddie James on bass and Boom Boom Bow Wow on drums: a new sound, new songs and lots of new energy! Let’s party!

Tuan Tran

Tuan Tran Couture – 
Tuan Tran will be the featured fashion designer at the closing of the “2012 Altered Barbie” show November 16, 2012  at 7:30.

He will be showcasing a variety of his innovative, and stunning designs. The designs included the wide spectrum of his collections. Torn and woven repurposed cloth, recycled telephone wire and hand painted garments with a variety of themes. Tuan’s sophisticated and stunning designs bring couture fashion made from re- purposed materials to a new level!

“Life cannot be taken too seriously.  Fun, enjoyment and thought are what I hope to bring in each of my pieces.” , “Green can be beautiful”.


Gregangelo / Velocity Circus:

This year Gregangelo & Velocity Circus present Barbie and Ken living statues at the opening Artistist Reception October 26, 2012

Barbie ala Gaultier Couture Sensual & Ken who proudly wears his vascular system on his sleeve – aka The Anatomy of Ken

Gregangelo is the founding and artistic director of Velocity Arts and Entertainment and Velocity Circus. A genuine San Francisco native, Gregangelo was born, raised, educated and established his professional world headquarters in San Francisco. He is a graduate of the California College of the Arts and has over three decades of extensive training and performing experience in visual arts, dance, music, circus arts, costume and theatrical production design.

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