Kalri$$ian on A Season in Hell, Monday at 8PM

Monday, April 22, 2pm

flyer_squarefontana-1500x1500 I do love to get nasty in your earholes.

Tonight on A Season in Hell with John Hell, I welcome Kalri$$ian to the studio.

Remember those hauntingly handsome gents that used to live up above you in your apartment building? You know, the ones that used to stomp on you, have late night parties, bum your cigarettes, flirt incessantly with your girlfriends, and keep you up at all hours with the headboards banging?

Well, KALRI$$IAN is back with their new album STAR MAGIC, and ready to put their junk in your ear holes once again! Come witness the group that has taken the Bay Area by storm with their potent mix of lounge and funk fueled Hip-hop, sexy stage choreography, explosive visuals, and hilarious lyrical content.

Witness the group that Dirt Nasty and Mickey Avalon call “perfectly offensive” and the SF Bay Guardian refers to as an “overwhelming marriage of sound and visuals…. reminiscent of Too Short and Parliament Funkadelic.” Feel the dripping charisma that has been father to over 2500 cases of rare STDs in San Francisco alone! It is this beautiful uniqueness that has brought KALRI$$IAN to the forefront of the Bay’s music scene and drawn them to perform with many of the Bay’s leading musical trailblazers on the biggest of stages. KALRI$$IAN’s time is now. Giddy up!

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