Reagan vs. Thatcher on A Season in Hell, Tonight at 8.

Monday, May 6, 11am

130408083028-05-thatcher-reagan-horizontal-galleryReagan and Thatcher, a conservative love affair forged in hell, and to hell is where they have been reunited; and it never felt sooooo good.

Tonight on A Season in Hell, with John Hell, I invite Steffan Chirazi, the editor of the official Metallica Fanzine, “So What”, to pay “homage” to Ronnie and Maggie. The proud Brit that Steff is, he’ll taking on the role of Mrs. Thatcher, while I tackle Ronnie from all sides.

Why did the punk scene hate them both so much? How did their policies incite, and add to the creativity of the punk scene in the UK and US in the 1980s?

All of these questions are sure to be answered 8-10 tonight, on Radio Valencia.

We’ll pay tribute to the late Slayer guitarist, Jeff Hanneman, who died last week of liver failure. Steff has stories to share, and we both have our favorite Slayer tracks to play for you.

A Season in Hell with John Hell, 8-10PM

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