Hell’s Kitchen Radio #299: Radio Junkie

Wednesday, April 12, 9am

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There’s free-form radio and then there’s FREE-FORM RADIO! I’ve been doing this too long to stop now. There are times when I’m driving late at night, pushing the buttons on my FM radio, thinking to myself “why am I hearing the same songs at this late hour that I would hear in the middle of the day? Shouldn’t the late hours be the time when radio stations stretch out, try something new, or perhaps even a deeper album cut? Isn’t this the time when they can play a 20 minute track? Isn’t this the perfect opportunity for them to try out a new, local artist who deserves the airplay? WHY AREN’T THEY DOING THIS? And why haven’t I written a letter? Tweeted? Made a call? ”

If I was given a chance to program KSAN (aka:107.7 The Bone) I would make “Big Daddy” Tom Donahue proud. That man must be seriously spinning in his grave to see what has happened with his love child. Some say Steven Seaweed is an institution. I say that he’s been phoning it in for about two decades now. No offense, Steven. You’ve made a great career out of being super excited to be playing another AMAZING Van Hagar track, and having people call out the WEEDMAN! I’ve worked in commercial radio. They hand you the playlist and tell you what you are and are not allowed to say and play. Any deviation from the norm and you’re out the door. All to please the listeners. Yeah right. It’s all about the sponsors. There is no longer any art or risk-taking in the land of mainstream radio. And it’s been this way for a good 25 years now; perhaps longer.

Tonights show is all over the aural spectrum. Brand new music from Boss Hog, and CFM has a new LP out as well. There’s some sizzling rock, toe-tappin’ country, Japanese Psych, nouveau Americana, Seattle Grunge (I hate that term), and American Punk. I’m sure I left out something. Take a look at the playlist below and click on the stream or download above to enjoy this program, sure to please even the finickiest music lovers in your home.

Next Monday night is my 300th show on Radio Valencia. That’s a lot of shows. I have no clue what I have planned, but it promises to be worth your time. Tune in 8-10PM at

See you on the radio.


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Way Down In The Hole: Tom Waits
The Deep: Red Fang

Ashes to Ashes: Eric McFadden
White Bird: It’s A Beautiful Day

Volunteers: Jefferson Airplane
Sleep Drifter: King Gizzard and the Lizard Gizzard
I’m Sure to Meet You: Angel in Heavy Syrup

Rubber Lips: Damaged Bug
Pretty Bird: Jenny Lewis

Young, Gifted, and Broke: Aura Lewis and Lee “Scratch” Perry
I Fall to Pieces: Patsy Cline
Hey Hey, My My: Neil Young (June 13, 2003 Bonnaroo Music Festival)

Ground Control: Boss Hog
Make it Now: Mudhoney (September 26, 1993 Hollywood Palace)
Let It Bleed: Rolling Stones (November 1, 1981 Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX)

Dead Weight/Message: CFM
Barn Burning: Dave Alvin

Frankie and Albert: Taj Mahal
Ice Water: Ray Condo
Diddy Wah Diddy: Thee Headcoats

American Heavy Metal Weekend: Circle Jerks (February 14-1986 Fender’s Ballroom Long Beach, CA)

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