Hell’s Kitchen Radio #336: Look Ma, No Brains!

Sunday, June 24, 6pm

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A night of risk-taking on the ol’ radio stream. Or is it Internet stream? Am I allowed to call this radio? We don’t broadcast on the FM/AM. We have no antenna. There’s no static coming across the line. Am I remiss if I say I have a “radio show”? Or do I have to be all literal and state that I host a two-hour Internet music program each Monday night? That’s not very sexy.

Then again, neither am I.

This show however is the bees knees! Just take a gander at that playlist sitting there in front of you. Kraut Rock, Hard Bob, 60s French-Canadian Garage, West African Funk, Midwest Balkanese, and so much more.

How do I do it?!?!?!?!

I’m not on the “air” next Monday night so you can enjoy a classic Hell’s Kitchen program instead.



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Haitian Fight Song: Charles Mingus

The Bump: George Freeman
Moonstruck: Malone Barnes and Spontaneous Simplicity

Season of the Witch: Donovan
Happy Boy: The Beat Farmers
La Moustache A Papa: Anna Bell
The Lady Loves Me: Elvis Presley and Anne Margaret

Staring at the Sun: Wooden Shjips
Bang Bang: Nancy Sinatra
Brainstorm: Hawkwind

Truth: Alexander Ebert
Leave It (A Capella): Yes
Telephone Girl: Assagai
Rhineland: Beirut

Diamond In Your Mind: Tom Waits and Kronos Quartet
Reaching Through To The Other Side: My Brightest Diamond
Feeling Good (Troublemaker Remix): Nina Simone

Rope Ladder To The Moon: Colosseum (August 22, 1970 Finland)
Little Man With A Gun In His Hand: Minutemen

Here Come The Bastards: Primus

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